Sunday, 8 February 2015

Nivea / Labello Lip Butters (+new flavour!)

Okay, so I must confess that I've been having a slight addiction to lip balms for quite a long time now. Seriously though, I got to know that it is in fact a real addiction .. even though that sounds a tiny bit too drastic in my opinion. However, having thought about it, I don't really get a problem on a day-to-day basis BUT I do have a problem when I forget to take a lip balm or some sort with me in my handbag when I go out. The urge to smear something on my lips can seriously get unbearable!
Luckily, my collection of lip balms has gotten big enough in the mean time to have at least one in every handbag that I own.

Right now, my favourite kind would have to be the Nivea / Labello lip butters. Originally, the Nivea lip butters were only available at the Nivea houses in Germany (I purchased mine in Hamburg). Fortunately, they are not only available in the Nivea online shop by now but German drugstores have also incorporated the Labello lip butters into their assortments. Although they are sold under different brand names, you get the exact same product as they are both produced by the Beiersdorf group.

The price is at 2,69€ when ordering online but you can often get them for cheaper in the drugstores. The lip butter comes in a small tin containing 16,7g / 19ml
To get some product out of its package you first have to necessarily swirl your finger around in it and then apply it to your lips. The product that will inevitably be left on your finger might in fact be the only downside to the lip butters. At least I wouldn't recommend making use of it during the winter time whilst wearing gloves. However, the remaining product on the finger is not really a problem for me personally as I simply apply it to the back of my hand, which certainly needs some extra care most of the time anyway.

Until recently, there were 5 different sorts out on the market:

1. Original
This is the neutral version of the lip butter as it has no scent or flavour. This is the perfect product for you if you're looking for simple and effective lip care without a lot of other fuss around it.

2. Raspberry Rosé
The smell and taste of this sort really does remind me of deliciously sweet raspberries ... or rather some yummy raspberry ice cream, actually ☺

3.Vanilla & Macadamia
This flavour is just heavenly! The combination of the appetizing vanilla scent and the discreet nutty smell of macadamia make this composition even more delicious. It somehow reminds me of a Yankee Candle that I once had, although I'm not entirely sure which one exactly it was (maybe Vanilla Cupcake ...?).

4. Caramel Cream
This flavour is best described as creamy, sweet and sugary without being too overwhelming though. Actually, it would be quite a good alternative if you've tried Raspberry Rosé and found it a little too obtrusive. As far as I know, this sort is not available at regular drugstores in Germany yet. I personally purchased mine at the Nivea house in Hamburg quite a while ago.

5. Blueberry Blush
You can definitely identify the smell of blueberries in this sort. Compared to Raspberry Rosé it is not as sweet and sugary but rather a little sour like the real fruit would be. As I'm a lover of fairly sweet scents, I prefer the raspberry flavour nonetheless.

So much for the hitherto existing flavours.
On my last trip to the drugstore I happily noticed that Beiersdorf has come out with a new sort: Coconut!
There is not much to say about this flavour other than that it smells of coconut (no shit, Sherlock). No seriously, this product has a really natural scent that is unlike some other unpleasantly artificial smelling coconut products that I've had before. I think coconut is a bit of a Marmite scent - either you'll love it or hate it.

Ultimately I can say that the lip care effect you get is the same with all of them. They leave your lips really soft for a long time and also manage to calm down the nasty burning of dry or even cracked lips. This is probably due to the sheabutter and almond oil contained in the product.
Which scent / flavour is the best for you, is finally just a matter of taste (literally).

Have you tried these lip butters before? What is your favourite kind of lip balm/butter? ☺


  1. i've never tried these before but the flavors sounds nice :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. They're really worth the try! I couldn't even decide which one of them I like best ☺

  2. wow I have been eyeing these for quite a while.Its so nice to read a whole post about these lovelies on ur blog.thanks for sharing

  3. Oh wow, the caramel one sounds divine! I wonder if I can find them in the US? I'm a little bit lame with my lip products usually - I have to admit that I love Carmex! The best :)

    1. I believe that they're actually available in the US as well!
      Also, I don't think there's anything wrong with loving Carmex - they do really nice lip products ☺

  4. I am really devastated that my Nivea lipbalm is finished. I can't get them anywhere here in Holland. I am also very much addicted to lipbalms, I can't live a day without smearing them on my lips. They need to be with my reach at all times! I love those flavors, I wish I could get them. My favorite would be the Nivea Caramel Cream as I am obsessed with caramel.

    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
    Say Cheesy Cake on Bloglovin

    1. I didn't know that you can't actually get these in Holland - what a bummer!
      I'm also quite obsessed with caramel but the scent of the lip butter isn't actually that distinct - I much prefer the Vanilla & Macadamia one ☺
      Maybe I can figure out a way to send one of these to you! I can't just let a fellow lip balm addict down ♥


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