Thursday, 5 February 2015

Bikinis In The Snow

When I read the name "bikini so teeny" on a nail polish bottle I would actually associate that with images of the beach, sunshine, beach balls and above all rather warm colours. 
As most polish-enthusiasts (including myself) probably know, the oh so popular Essie polish I'm talking about is neither a shade of red, orange, coral, yellow, pink nor anything in that direction. In fact, it is a vibrant baby blue colour that has some small glitter particles in it which somehow remind me of twinkling snow crystals. However, once you've applied the polish to your nails, the sparkle isn't really visible anymore (which is a shame, really).

For this nail design I combined Essie's bikini so teeny, which is available in the standard range by now, with Essie's blue rhapsody, which is from the mirror metallics range. As the name suggests, this is a very shiny metallic blue shade.

It was quite difficult to capture the true colours because they always seem to look a bit different depending on the light you're using. The following two pictures were taken in natural light.

For the purpose of comparison, here's also a picture taken with artificial light. In my opinion, the colour seems a little lighter and more radiant here.

You might be able to tell from the pictures that there is a hint of glitter in the bottle which doesn't really appear on the nails anymore.
I used the ultra long base coat by Kiko as a base and added two coats of bikini so teeny. Once this was completely dried (and I really mean completely!), I placed some sticky tape across the nail and finally applied one coat of blue rhapsody on top. 
I purposely didn't use a top coat because it somewhat seems to weaken the mirror/metallic effect of the polish.
I especially like how the tips sparkle when the sunlight is hitting them ☺


  1. Your nails are amazing!! I love the design you've done!! Xx

  2. Wow, Lena is this so pretty. I love the combination and most especially the design. You are such an artist!

    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
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