Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Body Shop Winter Sale 2014/15

In my opinion, a good shop to always have a quick browse around when it comes to the end of a season would definitely be The Body Shop. I personally love the range of their different scents as well as the very nurturing effect most of the products have on my skin. One thing that I certainly DON'T love as much is the pricing in this shop. Of course, there are many other brands that charge much more horrendous prices, but for someone who is used to buying most of her products in the drugstore it still seems like quite a lot of money.

For all of those reasons I'm always more than happy to see a sale going on in their shops. Luckily, the last time I've been to one of their shops there were in fact many reduced items PLUS a "buy 3 pay for 2"-offer !
These are the products I ended up buying:

These three lovely, little bodybutters came together in a gift set of which I've unfortunately already ripped of the packaging (simply too much excitement). You're getting three 50ml pots from the Shea, Coconut and Chocomania series for 10€ (reduced from 15€).

If I was supposed to pick one favourite sort of product from the entire offer in The Body Shop, it would definitely be their bodybutters! The consistency is nice and creamy, they leave your skin feeling super smooth and they make you smell absolutely AMAZING.
As much as I love the fruity scents, I have always been even more in love with the sweet, rather sugary ones (with Vanilla eternally being at the top of my list). Naturally, I was very happy to spot these three bodybutters coming together in a set. They all smell quite sweet (but not too overwhelming) and utterly delicious - although I wouldn't really recommend having a taste of them.

As a result of my weakness of decision-making I ended up buying all three of the Eau de Toilettes from the current winter collection. They're called "Frosted Cranberry", "Vanilla Brulee" and "Glazed Apple".

With these fragrances you absolutely get what you pay for as each of them totally lives up to its name! I've always liked that The Body Shop makes scents that smell exactly like the thing they're labeled as. For instance, the fragrance "Mango" smells purely like fresh mangoes from your local supermarket and doesn't have notes of magnolia, bergamot, hibiscus or other uncalled-for stuff.

The moment you spray the Eau de Toilettes, they all have quite an intensive scent which is not too overpowering at the same time. Nonetheless, I think the scent fades rather quickly and doesn't really last as long as some other Eau de Toilettes do that I've had before. At least you really can't whinge about the price: they were each reduced from 16€ to 10€.

Taking advantage of the special offer I finally paid 30€ instead of 63€ - what a great deal!


  1. Love The Body Shop and their body butters! They always smell so moorish! :)

    1. I totally agree! Especially with the Chocomania body butter, I really have to restrain myself from having a taste of it ^_^


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