Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pie In A Bottle

As I've already confessed to my love for apple-/bakery-scented things, it will probably come as no surprise to you that I just couldn't resist buying a product with the enticing name of "granny's apple pie".
While I was on one of my much-loved trips to TK Maxx there was a huge rack of highly reduced items. It looked pretty rifled through already which was why I kind of expected only the crappy stuff to be left. Far from it! A pretty packaging showing a girl wearing some sort of apple costume caught my eye. The product I'm talking about is a shower gel by philosophy.

Although I've always loved the smell of philosophy products I have to admit that I'm just too stingy to buy one of them for myself. As I was in TK Maxx, I knew of course that I wouldn't have to pay the full price for it but I certainly wasn't expecting it to be such a steal: 3€ instead of 16€! Without thinking for much longer I grabbed the item and threw it in my basket euphorically (slight exaggeration).

When you open up the package a big bottle in the usual simple philosophy design appears. They printed a recipe for apple pie on the label which I find quite a nice detail. Having taken a closer look at the label I found out that it could not only be used as a shower gel but also as a bubble bath or even shampoo. Although I haven't used it for the latter purpose (yet) the product definitely persuaded me otherwise.

When you add it to your bath it creates fairly nice bubbles and immediately turns your bathroom into your local bakery (at least fragrance-wise). The scent really does remind you of an apple pie and I'm liking it quite a lot. I have to say that it is really sweet, so if you're not that much into sugary, candy-like smells, this might not be a product for you.

Used as a shower gel the scent seems even more intensive and I was surprised that its consistency was more like a cream instead of a gel. I prefer products with a creamy texture as I find that gels sometimes only slither around on your skin without foaming properly. 

I'd definitely repurchase this shampoo/ shower gel/ bubble bath if I found it anywhere for the ridiculous price of 3€ again. However, I'm quite sure that I wouldn't buy it for its full price as it's just not that special or of a much higher quality than comparable drugstore products.

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